Wednesday, June 10, 2015

15 Months

Leo turned 15 months old while we were in Ohio.
We've had a crazy couple weeks so I'm behind on my posting, but what's new.

Right after he turned 15 months Leo officially became weaned!  We had been down to once a day for a while and I wasn't planning on weaning him while we were away from home but it just worked out so perfectly and easily that I just went with it.
We spent 10 days with my parents and my siblings and Leo's cousins were there a lot of the time and his entire schedule was way off and so he was going to bed late (sometimes not until like 10pm) and was exhausted and didn't even ask for milk a couple nights.  Thankfully while we were there he also decided out of the blue that he loves cow's milk.  He went from barely sipping milk to drinking 3 cups a day.  I'm not sure if the two are related or if one caused the other - he didn't want to nurse because he wanted regular milk or he wanted milk because he wasn't getting breast milk.... either way I'm not complaining.   I was ready to be done... although tonight putting him to bed I felt a tiny twinge of sadness that it's over.  He's officially not a baby.

So far I haven't been too emotional about Leo transitioning through stages.  I've had so much fun watching him grow and learn and become his own little person, but this nursing thing is a reminder that he is becoming slightly less reliant on me every day. waaaaaa

Anyway, Leo's 15th month was a big month in terms of learning new words, sign language, and lots of animal sounds!  They say that by 15 months a baby should say 3 words other than Mama and Dada.  Leo finally started saying a few more words so my fears eased about that - he now says uh oh, wow, yes, no, hi, stop, and diaper!   Well for diaper he does the sign and says di-der it's sooooo sweet.
Animal noises have really taken off this month too.  Tonight before bed we looked at a poster of animals I have up and he can do - Cow, chicken, rooster, pig, goat, sheep, lizard, dog, monkey,  mouse, fish, elephant, lion, and tiger.  He also just started doing gorilla - which is pounding on his chest!!! it's the BEST!
He is so smart!!! I'm constantly amazed by this little boy.

At Leo's 15 month appointment he was 29.5 lbs (?!?!?!) and about 33.5 inches long.  About the 98th percentile... which is actually down, he was off the chart the last couple check ups.

He's eating great, no real change there other than the milk thing.  He is loving cereal in milk too.  And he can sign cereal!

Seriously I don't know if I can say enough how awesome baby sign language is!
Leo can sign  - more, please, thank you, food, drink, milk. cereal, all done/finished, outside, bird, bye/hi, diaper, and can nod yes or shake his head no at the appropriate times.  We're working on a few more - book, baby, shoes, water, help, hurt, yogurt, etc.
And we're learning sign language to a few of our favorite songs - current favorite row row row your boat. lol.
Leo's favorite things to play with are his basketball hoop and any type of ball, books, cars, and anything he can climb on.  Basically he just is constantly busy and into everything!!

Oh! and this month he had his first haircut!!  It wasn't that dramatic of a change, but it looks so much better!

our first Quinceanera! 

seeing our friend Jack in Clearwater!! 

Mother's Day! 

bowling with Daddy 

seeing some family on Anna Maria Island! 

scarred baby legs.... this kid is always doing something. 

Leo's 1st haircut! 

Leo turned 15 months while we were in Ohio visiting my parents! 

Just before he turned 15 months he went to his first little amusement park!
He loved the kiddie rides!

Leo and his cousin Rynnlee :) :) :)
The sweetest little duo!

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