Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I didn't know...

Since becoming a mother I've discovered several things that I didn't know that I didn't know.

Things like:

The difference in quality between brands of baby wipes.
Pampers - best.  Target -good.  Dollar General - bad.

The struggle in deciding whether to get the stroller out or just carry the carrier.
Do I take the small umbrella stroller or the too big jogging stroller?
What if he falls asleep? The umbrella stroller doesn't have shoulder straps or recline so he'll just fall over.
If I take the stroller where am I going to put my groceries?
If I just get the carrier will it even fit in the shopping carts?
And lastly, how luxuriously large Target's shopping  carts are.

Planning a day around nap and bedtimes.
Do I go at this time so he'll nap while we're there?
Do I stay home until after the nap and get stuff done around the house?
Is being out late at night worth a grumpy baby and not so good night of sleep?

How annoying it is to wear nothing but nursing bras.
How annoying it is to only have 4 nursing bras.
That it's more difficult to wear a fitted shirt with horizontal stripes when your boobs are larger because sometimes you look in the mirror and the stripes are not straight...
And what it feels like to have boobs larger than a 34B.
How when you lay down you can actually feel their weight and when you jump it kinda hurts.

Speaking of jumping... how for a couple months postpartum if I didn't pee before doing jumping jacks I'd definitely regret it.
The importance of kegel exercises.  I thought I knew, until I got home from the hospital and almost peed my pants sneezing... then I KNEW.

That talking with other moms about diapers, breastfeeding, sleep routines, solid foods, and everything else baby is something I would enjoy and do an obnoxious amount of.

That babies sleep both a ton and never.
And that babies have erections.  That wasn't in the book.

The annoyance of pulling out outfit after outfit that baby never wore because he grew too fast...
The problem with where the heck do I store all this baby crap that this baby will never use again - swing, bouncer, play mat, bathtub, totes and totes of clothes...
Should we keep everything?  What if our next baby is a girl?  When should we have another baby?

That I'd even be considering having another baby.
That I'd want another baby like, today.


-STEPHANIE said...

Hahah great post! I remember in Grenada when the Moms would all leave the Uni club early to get home for naps and I was like seriously whats the big deal with naps?!?! Haha "i didn't know!!!"

Sarah Toman said...

Try baby wearing when you have to go out and don't want the stroller or carrier. I did it with all 3 of mine and loved it. Never had a carrier and didn't miss it. I also love to talk all about motherhood and could do it all day. I wish we could have gotten to know each other better while you lived here.


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