Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leo - Week 2

Leo is now 2 weeks old!

Week two has been even more fun than week one because I am feeling 99% back to normal (I'll seriously do a post about my postpartum experience soon...) and Leo has continued to be such a good baby!!
Our pediatrician though warned us that at 2 weeks he might change a little and be fussier, but so far that hasn't happened.

So what happened in week 2?

Well his umbilical stump fell off when he was 9 days old.  We think that it fell off a little sooner because whenever we put him on his tummy he moves a TON, like thinks he can crawl, and so it kinda worked its way loose pretty quick.
And speaking of tummy time, he can also hold his head up and turn from side to side!
This morning Lee had him on his chest and Leo pulled his head straight up and looked at him and held it up for several seconds.  He is crazy strong.

When we took him to the doctor, when he was 10 days old, and he weighed 8lbs 14 oz!! A gain of 14oz from birth and 1lb 3oz since his last Dr appointment at 3 days old.  Dude likes to eat!
Our pediatrician agreed with us that he's basically the most perfect baby ever (ok so I'm sure they tell all parents that........) and we don't have to go back to the doctor until he's 2 months old for shots.

With that weight gain of over a pound in a week his newborn diapers started to get a little tight and so on his 2 week birthday we switched over to size 1 diapers.  I think that there should definitely be a size in between newborn and size 1.  There is a major discrepancy!  He's almost too tiny for size 1, but was too big for NB, but I guess it's better to be too big than too small.
We are going to start cloth diapers as soon as we can, but he's still too small for them too, even though we have newborn size.  I don't get it!  But I am so eager to start using cloth and stop with the disposable. Although we have been so blessed with gifts from family and friends we haven't had to buy any disposable diapers ourselves and I hope to keep it that way!  Lee's dad actually found diapers on clearance in Canada and bought us some larger sizes for down the line.  Diapers never go on clearance!  They were like $3 for 40 diapers!  I said buy up!

In clothing he is right between newborn and 0-3 months too.  He's getting a little too long for the newborn clothes, at least the ones with feet, but he can't keep his feet in the 0-3!  Hopefully that means that he'll get a lot of wear out of the 0-3s because he has A LOT!!

Leo has also been a great sleeper so far.  Lee and I were just saying this morning that even if his demeanor changes (after the 2 week mark like the ped said) at least we had a great first 2 weeks to get adjusted to having a baby and for me to recover.  So thank you baby for the sleep thus far!
Last night he slept for his longest stretch almost 3hr and 45 minutes and I woke up freaked out and woke him up.  From what I've read it's ok to let a newborn go for up to 4 hours without eating... but it was like 1am and when you mix half asleep with a worried first time mom.... that's what happens.
Almost every night the past week he'll go the first stretch of the night for at least 3 hours.  Three consecutive hours of sleep is glorious.  The next couple of stretches range from 2-3 hours.
We swaddle him in a little sleep sack with velcro and it seems to put him right to sleep.  I've found that it's really important to keep his arms from being able to move because he swings his arms so much and wakes himself up!  I read that you need to keep their hips/legs free so they can move them so the little sleep sack is awesome.  And it keeps him nice and warm!

Also, we have this awesome Angelcare motion monitor that detects movement/breathing.  It's a pad that goes under the crib mattress (or the bassinet that he's sleeping in now) and an alarm will go off if he goes more than 15seconds without moving and another alarm at 20seconds.  It has really given me peace of mind at night (although I still wake up worried and check on him...) but I think it would be worse without it.
There was a recall on some of the monitors because the cord could be a strangulation hazard, but if you put it under the mattress the cord goes out under the mattress so the only way I could see it being a problem is if the baby is in the floor crawling under the bed.  By the time he can crawl I doubt we'll even still be using the monitor.

Leo went on his first and second walk this week.  He loves his stroller and the bumps in the sidewalk put him instantly to sleep :)  However, today there is a new 6 inches of snow and it's frigidly cold again, so there will be no more walks anytime soon.  I cannot wait until we can just go outside any time we want!
I don't have any desire to take Leo anywhere (he hasn't gone anywhere yet but the doctor) because it's been too cold and people are germy... but I would love to be able to just take a nice long walk if we wanted. And I am anxious to get to exercising and walking is a great place to start.

And for eating - Leo loves to eat.  During the day he eats about every 2-2.5 hours for about 15-20 minutes at a time.  At night he goes a little longer in between and eats for longer, closer to 25 minutes.
I don't know if I mentioned it before but we have this awesome app for our phone that keeps track of his feedings, diapers, and vitamin (dr recommends that all babies in MI take a vitamin D supplement).
It's called FeedBaby and I love it.  When he starts to eat I just hit left or right and when he's done stop it.  It keeps track of what percentage he eats on each side and how long it's been since his last feeding.  It's the best in the middle of the night when I'm not thinking clearly and all I do is turn on my phone and I can see that it's been 2 hours and 40 minutes since his last feeding.
You can set it to have alarms go off to remind you to feed him if it's been more than 4 hours or if it's been a couple hours since you've changed his diaper, which is useful now that he's pooping less often so he doesn't smell and it would be easy to let him go a couple hours in possibly a wet diaper, which we don't want.
The last 7 days I spent an average of 3 hours a day nursing, an average of 10 nursing sessions, for an average of 18 minutes each.  Pretty cool right?

And as for Lee and I?  We are loving being parents so much.  Even when he poops 3 times in a row and then pees on his clothes.  He hasn't peed during diaper changes quite as bad as I expected but he moves SO much during diaper changes that there is no way you can use a pee-pee tee-pee or even a wipe to control the stream because he's all over the place.  It would work if I had a third hand.  One to hold his legs, one of hold a wipe over him, and a third to put the diaper on. haha.  He's stepped in his poop several times.  And peed on the wall once.  yuck.

But anyway, back to Lee and I.  We pretty much just spend the entire day hanging out and staring at Leo. In between diaper changes we've watched several movies, caught up on the Walking Dead, and I'm getting ready to watch this season of Downton Abby - finally.

and we're already working on week 3. craziness.

Now for the pictures...

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Amber said...

I love this little boy! He is so stinking cute and you and Lee are fantastic parents! I wish we were neighbors and could go on walks together. Maybe I can convince Josh that we can move closer to wherever you guys end up for residency when he's done with his. Except then Lee will be almost done lol.


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