Wednesday, January 15, 2014

random musings

this morning I just feel like talking
It could be due to the fact that I've been awake since 4:50AM.  Just woke up, wide awake, ready for the day.  I went to bed around 10 so I got plenty of sleep, so I just got up and ate breakfast slowly and wasn't too rushed getting ready - which is a switch for me!  On Wednesdays I have to be at work at 6:30 and honestly most days it's more like 6:35, but today I was a couple minutes early!  What!
I guess maybe my body is preparing for less sleep in the weeks/months to come.

Also this morning I'd like to brag on my friend Amber a little.  She is the best friend, seriously.  She is giving me so much ease about labor and new motherhood -granted her baby Jack is not quite 2 weeks old yet, but I just feel like she has made such a great transition and has filled me in on ALL the gory details and I am so thankful!  I can't wait to raise our babies together - or at least vacation together, right?

I've been hearing more and more horror stories from people lately, everyone feels inclined to tell me about their worst experience with pregnancy or delivery.  I guess they're trying to help?  but I feel bad because when they ask "have you experienced {this} yet?"  and I never have.  Up until the past week or so I have not felt much different than I did when I was not pregnant, a part from some limitations with picking up heavy stuff, quick movements from sitting or laying to standing, and of course this little baby kicking my insides.
I hope that this continues and I'm not repaid for this easy pregnancy with terrible labor or a wild baby! haha... but if this baby's personality is reflected at all in how he moves I think he's going to be pretty chill.  I hear other people talking about how much their baby kicks their ribs or hurts them and I've only experienced truly painful kicks like twice.  Usually he just rolls around and gently pushes against me, it's so sweet, just like a reminder that he's there and happy.

Now that I have his room almost completely finished I am getting more emotional about having him actually here.  I cannot wait to sit in that rocking chair and rock my precious sleeping baby.  I love walking by his room and peeking in and imagining him in there.  I hope he likes bright colors, lions, and vintage toys as much as his mom.... :)

I'll post pictures of his room soon!  I'm trying to get it as neat as possible so it doesn't look like a mess in pictures - babies have A LOT of stuff!


Amber said...

Really, it doesn't matter how hard your labor and delivery are because for real, you don't care as soon as baby is here. I hope yours is easy, but regardless, you won't care and you'll have your OWN story to brag about and tell. I'm with you, though, only a few painful kicks, mostly jusr rolling and pushing. Maybe a height thing? Glad your friend has been an encouragement!

Amber said...

<3 Love you! You're going to be such a great mom!


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