Friday, January 24, 2014

34 weeks!

Whoa!  Things are getting real.

Since I work in a busy office I get asked roughly 50-100x a day when I'm due.... quickly followed by where are we moving to.  The same people ask each week.  I understand they want an updated countdown to the due date.... but how many times can I explain the match to someone and the fact that I won't know where we're moving until March - AFTER the baby?!

Anyway, the countdown part is fun.  This week (ok so actually I started telling people yesterday) only 6 more weeks!  6 weeks!?  That is like nothing.  He is going to be here before I know it and I still have so much to do!
I'm still asking everyone I know for tips, advice, and recommendations on products.  I'm still googling birthing plans in my very limited free time (aka avoiding homework).  The car seat isn't installed.  I don't have a bassinet/pack-n-play.  I don't have a swing.  I don't have one of those fancy wraps to carry the baby in.  I haven't packed a hospital bag.  I'm still waiting on the shipment of my after baby needs from Amazon. haha.

One day this week on my lunch break I decided to go to CVS and buy all those lovely things I'll be needing for myself post-baby... and was seriously in sticker shock.  It has been YEARS apparently since I've bought a package of pads and whoa they were more expensive than I anticipated.  Then onto things like... well you know all those other gross things they recommend you have after having a baby that I am seriously hoping I don't need, but want to have anyway just in case you know?  I ultimately left the store only buying my favorite 3 shade eyeshadow compact from Wet and Wild for $2.99 (not that that was on the list...) and decided to find the rest on Amazon... which I did, for much cheaper.
I think I could do all my non-grocery shopping on Amazon.  and maybe I will.

That being said, I am totally open to suggestions from other moms about what I need, although I can almost guarantee if it's been posted on the internet elsewhere I've read it.  But really, if there is something that you were like "dang wish someone had told me about that" TELL ME!

Another question people have actually asked me, which I don't know why I should be surprised people ask whatever they want, is how Lee and I are planning on surviving for 4 months with 0 income between us and a new baby.  So in typical fashion I decided to just tell you.
First, we fully plan on being very, very poor.  Obviously.
Second, believe it or not we planned for this baby to come exactly then, when neither of us are working. haha for real! This is the only time in our lives when Lee and I are BOTH going to have 4 entire months with NO work or school or commitments to spend all day long at home with our baby.  I feel sorry for our subsequent children, but hey it is what it is.  Lee started medical school in a January term which allowed him several months of wiggle room in clinical rotations and he decided to save it all up at once and spend it with us before starting residency.  I for one, think almost any amount of money is worth having an extra set of hands around 24/7 for the first few months of my new baby's life, especially his Daddy!
Third, it takes almost 10 months from conception to birth, typically.  Plus a month or two of discussing whether or not we should have a baby - which is about a year of prep time.  A year of saving.  A year of "we can't afford that we're having a baby".  A year of stock pilling baby stuff.
Fourth, income tax return!!  I'm at that stage where I actually had a job for the entire year AND still don't make all that much money so I basically get everything I paid into taxes plus some back!  Which is a couple months rent at least... and it will perfectly arrive right around the time I stop working.
Fifth, back up.  Ok, so we are extremely fortunate that Lee does have a line of credit from a bank in Canada that we used to pay tuition during medical school (which we are DONE paying!) so we are no longer going into negative dollars (ok unless you count interest) and we thankfully didn't max it out during medical school so if worse comes to worse we can borrow money from the line of credit, way cheaper than using a credit card.  I refuse to ever go into credit card debt after that one month when I somehow didn't pay $10 and was charged 24% interest............... people. do not go into credit card debt. But by all means use them for all the points/miles/whatever they'll give you! haha!
Sixth, baby showers!  We have been so blessed by family and friends generously buying us and our baby gifts.  I mean, wow it is amazing how generous people are.  There have been just a few things that we have had to purchase ourselves for this little one. Baby Coghill is basically set for the first 6-ish months of his life in terms of clothing, diapers, and baby gear.... and praying all goes well I'll be able to breastfeed - aka free food. (and I seriously will upload pictures from my showers someday)
Seventh, faith and prayers? haha no but seriously... God has blessed our little family so abundantly and we are so thankful for this opportunity to spend time together as a family before residency takes Lee away for 3 years...

here's a little looksie at one of the maternity pictures we had taken with Sara!
I can't wait to see the rest and hopefully take more if the baby and weather cooperate in the coming weeks!

I went to the doctor this morning for my 34 week checkup and everything is still going great!  In fact I was SHOCKED to find out that since my last appointment I've actually lost a half a pound.  I've been weighing myself on the scale at work and this week I noticed I hadn't gained any, but I thought I had gained last week. If I did it disappeared somewhere.  The only thing I've changed is trying to cut back on sugar.  I really, really like candy. haha, so I've just been avoiding candy basically because my glucose test did come back on the higher end of normal and I really, really didn't want to mess around with that.
My doctor said if I were to go into labor at this point they wouldn't do anything to stop it.  At 34 weeks I am passed the point where they can give me anything that would better prepare the baby for birth (like steroids) so he is basically ready to be born, just doing some last growing, fat storage, brain developing things!
Also, Baby Coghill is getting situated in the head down position!  My Dr. felt around and felt his little head, back, and bottom.  His bottom is right under my left rib cage.  There were a few day this week where he decided that it'd be fun to live under my ribs.  I have the longest torso in history and my baby wants to cram into the very tippy top and stretch out my rib cage.  No super strong kicks, just pressure against my ribs.  Move south little buddy!  But I guess the positive is I haven't had any issues this entire pregnancy with going to the bathroom a million times a day.  I go no more than I did pre-pregnancy even though I feel like I am constantly chugging water.  I am definitely thirstier pregnant... or I just think "I need water" more often.  So if he's in my ribs he's not pushing on my bladder, so... thanks!
Another thing I haven't experienced at all is balance issues.  I wore heels to work yesterday, trudged through the snow and all, and no problems. No swelling either, but I'm not sure who could swell in negative degree weather.  I test my engagement ring about every day to make sure I can still slide it on and off and so far so good... but I think I might take it off soon, just in case.  I'm getting claustrophobic just thinking about it.  The wedding band will stay on though, for some reason I can't picture it getting stuck but I can the other, and I've NEVER had my wedding band off.
Other things I've skipped so far - hot flashes.  I'm begging to be hotter, MI is cold! but that hasn't come, apparently it will after birth?  And I've been sleeping great.  I don't know if he kicks in the night or not, I just sleep right on through... if I'm able I could sleep like 9 hours.
Also, no contractions yet at all.... I'm hoping the lack of contractions and the fact that he is sitting so super high up in my stomach doesn't mean he's going to take his good ole time coming into the world.  I'd prefer him you know, really close to the due date.... maybe even like the week before?  Not asking for much here, right? :)

How far along: 34 weks
Total weight gain:  28lbs! I never thought I'd be so happy to have gained 28lbs, haha but at this point I'm like shew only 28!
Maternity clothes: no, but I did hit the jackpot today at Salvation Army and got 3 brand new Liz Lange Maternity shirts for $1 each!  I figured $1 was worth it even if I only wear them a couple times.  Every Friday our SA picks a color of tag and has a 5 for $5 sale!  So today I got 3 shirts and the baby got 2 :)
Stretch marks: no, but people keep telling me that this doesn't happen until the final weeks anyway, ugh!
Sleep: Good
Best moment of this week: hiring my replacement at work - one more thing off the list that needed to be done
Miss anything:  my normal non stretched belly button?
Movement: Yep
Food cravings: nope
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: oh yea.
Gender:  B-0-Y!
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: in, just stretched funny
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to: dinner out with work tonight! birth class tomorrow! and baby shower Sunday at church! 


Amber said...

SO SOON! I can't wait to meet that baby boy. He's going to be beautiful!

Ann K said...

So, I take it you're not revealing the name until after he's born. Can you give us a hint? Is it a family name or more modern name? just curious! I love baby names!! :)


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