Sunday, September 15, 2013

Application Submission Day!!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen as of 9:05 AM this morning my husband has officially applied for residency!!
Now begins the waiting game...

We ended up applying to 57 places.

Why so many?
Well, as you know Lee went to medical school in Grenada, so he is technically an international medical graduate.  Some programs do not even consider IMGs... so we (he) went through the long process of figuring out which programs accept IMGs, which have accepted an SGU student in the past, which are good well known university programs, and which are located in areas that I do not absolutely refuse to live in.
And we came up with 57.

Soon (hopefully) the interview offers will come rolling in and my Lee will begin traveling to different programs... and I will sit and wait.


Amber said...

I hope he gets one near a beach! <3

Kensi Reece said...

And yet again we wait to see where this crazy journey will take us next! I'm sure you guys will end up in a place you love!


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