Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What do I do?

I'm so glad you asked!

I have a job. 
I was so fortunate to find the job that I did.  So blessed.

I found the posting on Craigslist a few weeks ago for a chiropractor's office and sent my resume and kinda forgot about it in the midst of applying to 10billion other ads.  Then Dr. Shoe emailed me asked if I could come for an interview, but unfortunately I could not because I was still teaching in Ohio at the time.  So I declined and asked if he would keep me in mind if he couldn't find the right person.

Lo and behold 2 weeks later, just days before I moved in he emailed again and said he hadn't been able to find the perfect person for the job and if I could come once I got moved in.
I asked my friend Joe the resident SO Grenada Chiro and asked for a few helpful hints and bam got hired.

1 week later and I'm working in the office as a Chiropractic Assistant / Office Manager / Dr. Shoe's personal assistant.

It's not a dream job, obviously, but also my dream isn't to work (should "work" be anyone's dream really??)  I'm not striving for success or money or status....
My dream is to help people and be involved in the community and someday far far away to be a mother and continue to do those things.
But for now, we have to eat and all that, so I'm booking appointments and making small talk with chiropractic patients.

Perks of the job??

1.  It's 2  blocks away.  Seriously.  I had started to apply for jobs with a 30 minute commute. 2 blocks.  By the time I got my car out of the garage and turned around I could walk there.  Same goes for the bike pretty much. 
We are going to save a ton on gas because both of us are currently walking to work!

2.  It's 4 day a week.  Monday - Thursday.  3 day weekend, every weekend.  Yes!  I have every Friday all day to devote to volunteering or something (which I'll get to later)

3.  2 hour lunch break.  Ok, so it does stretch the day out a little longer, I don't get home until 6:30.... but Lee's never here anyway so it doesn't matter too much to me.  Those 2 hours have been my most productive.  Enough time to do a load of laundry, make the bed, wash the dishes, and prepare something for dinner.  I deal very well with time constraints.  It's perfect for me.

4.  Free Chiropractic care!! and I need it.  I haven't started yet, but next week I will and I am so looking forward to it.  My joints are terrible, thanks Mom and Dad.  And Lee can go as well!  He is going to want to, too after all these long hours at the hospital.

5.  It is a family business and the Doctor and his wife are so nice and helpful and have made this such a great transition so far.  I like everyone I'm working with, thankfully because they are basically my only friends here so far!  We have such a wide variety of clients someone is going to know something about anything I need to know.  It's awesome.  I've already been getting all sorts of advice from places to shop to getting Lee and Green Card :)

What else am I going to do?

Well, I don't know just yet but directly in between our house and the office is a crisis pregnancy center that helps young women with unplanned pregnancies.  It is a Christian organization so they only offer pro-life services, which I am 100% for.  It is exactly the type of thing I want to be doing, but for now I'll just be able to help a couple days a week. 
I also want to get involved in some other pro-Detroit rejuvenation projects if at all possible but it is really hard to find information.  So be looking for a Detroit Volunteer Section coming soon to this blog :)

We're still thinking about churches too.  We've been to one, Lee's been to it 3 times and likes it, but I would kind of like to try out the "Mega" church just down the street with thousands of people and tons of community involvement... but Lee prefers the more traditional church with about a 100.  Both have their upsides and I am seriously considering attending both.  Services are at different times and would be fairly easy to do.  The big church has a large young adult group that I am thinking might be my best option for finding some friends around here! :)

whew that was long.  if you made it through that to this point you are a real friend :)
funny how I can make what I do twice as long as what Lee does. 
It's definitely not the case.  He is a hardworking precious man who I love more than words!
So proud of that husband of mine.


-STEPHANIE said...

You aren't in "transition" anymore woman. :) Change your blog header! Miss ya! Let's catch up real soon.

Kensi said...

I'm glad you found a job you love!


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