Friday, June 15, 2012

Fishflies on everything ~ Fishflies on everything ~ Fishflies on everything

My mom and I dance around singing "_______{fill in the blank} on everything"
It's from the show So Random that my nieces watch and there is a song - ketchup on everything {you can watch it here if you'd like, but I'm warning you it is soooooo dumb, so dumb it's funny}

Anyway, my point.

I first heard about fishflies from a little girl in the office.  It's the name of a running group for elementary kids at the local school.  Her mom said they're called fishflies because there really isn't a point, they just run after school. no race. no winners. just run for exercise.

Ok..... then I learned about the actual fly.
Lee and I saw one on our door the other day and he pointed them out.  He calls them Shagflies.
They serve no purpose.  They supposedly live for only 36 hours and die.  They breed and lay their eggs in the lake.

If you're from southern Ohio think ladybugs.
think the plague of locust in the Bible.

We're talking epic proportions of flies.

This was the scene at the bank this morning.

IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2301

Thankfully they haven't infested our house. We have to go through 3 doors to get inside our apartment. Hopefully we're safe.


Marisa said...

I won't miss this about Grosse Pointe - what we Wisconsinites call "lake flies." We lived near a St. Clair-sized lake in college, and they were everywhere. Along with the spiders. Yuck.

Kensi said...

ewww, that is so gross. I can't believe there are that many of them in one spot!

-STEPHANIE said...

OMGosh I almost threw up looking at these pictures! Yuck!!!!!

Amber said...

Ah! Oh my gosh I don't know how you didn't freak out and run away from that parking lot!

habecker said...

what?! not cool. i think i can feel them crawling on me. how long does this last?!


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