Thursday, May 17, 2012

from one SO to another

I got this sweet facebook message from an SGU SO who has already completed their clinical rotations (which I found is really called medical clerkship) in Detroit.  She really calmed my nerves about living in/near Detroit!  I thought this might be helpful to anyone thinking about heading to MI for rotations.

Don't be nervous about Detroit. You won't really need to go there for any reason. There are some fun places in right downtown (greek town, mexican town, etc). But we lived write on Mack Avenue by the hospital and loved it. There are cops around 24/7 to keep it safe and a nice community. We never felt uncomfortable. In fact - there were for sure times I felt more nervous about living in Grenada!

Also - I went to Target at Eastland ALL the time. My husband did say they had some crime at night so maybe just stick to daytime hours. The mall is pretty ghetto but I even took my kids to play there at the indoor playland a few times during the winter. I never felt unsafe.

What is your address? Do you know what "park" you belong to? They have private community parks that we spent all our time at. A free pool, one even has a movie theater (GPP)? I hope that you love it as much as we did. Will your hubby be at St. Johns hospital? It's a great one. So lucky you were placed there. What was it on your list? You will be glad in the end. All our friends that went to Jersey and NYC were bummed cause 4th year they had to scramble and find rotations themselves while St. John's sets it all up and you don't have to move around
What does your husband want to go into? We just were matched in AUstin TX for ER. We are super excited. Good luck with your adventure. MI is great Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you so much for your help Alexis!!
The SO community is really great, I have never even met her and here she is offering all this help!  Awesome!
And now I'm more exited about our Michigan Adventure!


Ioana-Carmen said...

This is something new and I really like it! Would you like to follow each other darling?:X

Lindsey & Nick said...

Hi Kelsey! I'm from Michigan and grew up spending a lot of time in the Grosse Pointe/Detroit area. There really is a lot of fun stuff to do, and although there are areas you want to avoid, there are a lot of safe and beautiful areas as well! I also worked in one of the hospitals in downtown Detroit and as far as experience goes, your husband will definitely get a lot! We are about to start our second year in Grenada, but are hoping to be placed at St. Johns as well next year :) Best of luck to you! -Lindsey


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