Saturday, April 7, 2012

one step closer...

please join me in a HUGE sigh of relief.............

Lee got his USMLE results!!!
and he passssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed!
but of course he didn't just pass, he did amazing and I am so so so proud of him.

Now we wait some more.
My life is all about waiting.
Any day now SGU can tell us where we will be going for clinical rotations and I cannot wait!
Then we will begin the apartment and job search immediately!!

{I plan on doing a post about USMLE prep/tips soon when I can get Lee to give me some pointers}

This past week we headed south {not quite as far south as I would have liked} to Georgia to visit my brother and his family and made a fun little trip out of it!  We saw everything between Ohio and Georgia.
I'm not sure anyone has a much fun as Lee and I do together. 
This week was perfect.
Then on Wednesday morning we got his test results and it became a celebration!!
I love having my husband back.
for now anyway...

I want to do a post about all the stuff we did on our trip, because this is sorta like a travel blog, yea?
But for now I'll just share a few pictures.... I need an excuse to blog more anyway.


-STEPHANIE said...

The waterfall almost looks like Grenada :)

-STEPHANIE said...

The waterfall almost looks like Grenada :)

Jenny said...

Congrats!! This much be a huge sense of relief for both of you! All the best enjoying this time off and definitely looking forward to the USMLE post!


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