Thursday, February 2, 2012

update on life

Hello friends!
I have not forgotten this blog I promise!
Life back in America has been just as hectic and stressful as I could have imagined it would be as I was sitting on the soft sand, in the hot sun, listening to the crystal clear blue waters splashing..... ah Grenada.
I'm at a weird point where I would almost rather not think about Grenada because it seriously makes me too sad.  I don't look at pictures and I don't watch the videos.
My friends in Grenada must think that I have abandoned them... I'm not active on facebook or blogging (obviously) but it seriously is hard for me to do that.  I do miss all of you!!!
I realize I must get over this if I want to continue to have Grenada apart of my life and I want those kids to remember me.  I must start my letter writing and penny saving for the plane ticket to my home in the Caribbean.

But here I am. in Ohio.  It has really been an amazing winter so far.  Eerily warm.
I practically never wear a coat and haven't used any of my scarves or gloves.
It's been above 60 practically every single day lately. 
I drive through these country roads with the windows down and the music blasting..... in my van.
Surprise! Lee and I are now the proud owners of a minivan.
My oldest brother so generously gave us an offer on his old van that we could not refuse when he purchased a new one and now were are a two car family.
It's in nearly perfect condition, my brother takes great care of his cars, and it will come in handy when we begin the process of moving.... where ever it is we move to.  Thanks Brother!

Want to know more about Lee?
me too.
He has been in Canada for a month now and I have been here.
We talk on the phone once a day for about 30minutes - an hour.
If I'm lucky I get a couple emails during the day.
He is so engrossed in studying for the USMLE that he literally doesn't go anywhere except church on Sunday mornings.
How does he do it?
I don't know.  I couldn't.  I could never be a doctor. this much I know is true.
He studies probably 15hours a day. and exercises and is eating so healthy it makes me feel guilty when I'm inhaling my Little Debbies that I missed so much while in Grenada. 
He is a machine!

What have I been up to? 
a little of this a little of that.
I have been so blessed with an amazing family and group of friends.
My parents have welcomed me home with open arms and I see my friends nearly every single day.
It's a perfect set up... if only my Lee were here.

I have been substitute teaching for my old school district and it has been an adventure every single day.
8th graders, a boy with severe violence issues, an autistic child.... and next week I begin doing test intervention/prep with what is rumored to be the worst 5th grade class in the history of Rock Hill.

I've also inadvertently started my own wreath business.
I did purposefully begin an Etsy store and I was showing a friend some of the things I have made and she asked if I could make her a wreath she saw on Pinterest and it sparked a few more people wanting them and before I knew it I have over a dozen orders for wreaths!
If you'd like to win one of these said wreaths I am currently doing a giveaway on my other blog Kelsey Inspired, it ends tonight!  or if you live in the tri-state area I will  gladly sell you one :)

Let see what else have I been doing....
I'm working in the children's department at my church.  I can remember in high school and probably college vowing to never work with children and being convinced that it was not my calling and I really didn't like kids other than the ones I was related to....  what happened to that?!
I still am fairly confident that I do not want to be a teacher but as I was explaining to one of my old teachers that I was interested in social work they said that teaching involves a lot of that and you really have a great opportunity to impact a child's life.... but I kinda would like to skip the whole teaching part. lol.

I'm reading the Hunger Games. Finally! Last person in America to do so I'm sure.  I've read the first two books in about 10 hours.  Could not stop. and I'm only not reading the 3rd one right now because I felt I really MUST blog and then make wreaths :)
Katniss and I are from the same area.  Appalachia.  interesting that in the future our people are still coal miners.

So yea there it is.  I'm basically reverted back to my high school self.
Living with mom and dad, hanging out with all my high school friends, and am husbandless.

If you get the chance say a prayer for Lee as he mentally prepares for his exam!
February 29th sort of determines the rest of our lives... but it's no big deal. no pressure.


Amber said...

If it makes you feel better I still cry at least once a week if I think about Grenada too much. I miss it so much and I miss you but we will get back there and hug our kiddos again one of these days. Hopefully July will be able to happen. If you ever get too sad about it you can always call/email. I'm totally in the same boat. And it sucks being away from the hubby i know. I wish we were neighbors! Then we could do minivan photoshoots lol

-STEPHANIE said...

Aw this post makes me so sad for you. And for me too! I only have 3 and a half months left. :( And I only got to be here for one year total. Boo. Miss you and love you tons!

TiffanyClark said...

So you are not the last person to read The Hunger Games. I just finished the first book last night and am starting the second book but I had some ETSY business stuff to do tonight! I will definitely pray for Lee and you all are on my mind all the time. Love you, kels!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Prayer sent! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I feel you! Hope thinkgs start going smotthly for you! My husband is in law school so I totally relate to the missing husband thing... haha :) Loving your cute blog. Happy I found it!


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