Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frederick, Matthew, and Alice

Friday the SOs went on an around the island tour and our first stop was Fort Frederick.  You may remember Lee and I visiting there this summer.  It was worth a 2nd trip, the view from the top is so incredible!

The group of SOs on the trip!
SO much fun ;)

I got sick to my stomach when I learned that in 1983 the US bombed Fort Matthew thinking Grenadian soldiers were there when really it was a center for mental patients.
why they felt the need to bomb anything in Grenada is beyond me....

The bar they've made in the fort now! 
I need one of these chairs!! 

Our tour guide for Fort Frederick was Alice.  She called herself Alice in Wonderland and I promised I'd blog about her and  tell all my friends all over the world to come to Grenada and visit her at the fort.
She said that 80% (or something) of the island depended on tourism for income.  
Come visit us and buy some spices!!!!

Here is Alice talking about her experience during Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  A hurricane that devastated 85% of the island.
It's a little hard to hear because of all the wind, but turn up the volume, it's a cool story!


Anonymous said...

The barrel chairs looks awesome, lol. It looks beautiful in Grenada :)

Abigail said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the first one! Clearly, I need to visit Grenada :).


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