Saturday, September 24, 2011

paint the sky red

Lee is disappointed with my blogging lately and he let me know today.
I should ask him to do an entry for this weekend!
yes! guest post by Lee!
You'll know if it ever happens.

I told him I hadn't updated b/c my family and friends at home don't even read this blog.... it's my friends in Grenada and people who want to know about Grenada and medical school.
I know people at home aren't reading it because when I talk to them they ask questions that have already been answered here. annoying.
Y'all don't really care what we're doing, you want info! and I don't have much of that this week.
{but if you are at home and do care about Lee and I's lives let me know}

I do have some excellent sunset pictures from a bonfire we had for a friend's birthday this week.
Grenada seriously takes my breath away sometimes.

Ohio it's going to be tough to compete with this....


Marisa said...

Yes, tell Lee to write a guest post! I'll try to get Andy to write one on my blog.

Abigail said...

I care! I'm Abigail and I'm one of Cat's friends from college, and I stumbled upon your blog. I love hearing about Grenada and your all's lives. My blog is just about my life, too, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one without a blog 'theme', for at least one of my blogs. :)

Lea Liz said...

I love reading :)

Sarah D said...

Kelsey! You know I care!!! :) Keep on updating please!

Amanda said...

I read! My comments never go through though, so I'll be surprised if this one does...?! I also have to highlight your whole blog to read b/c the text disappears in your new ~ This is Mandy incase I have to be "anonymous" again.

Amanda said...

Oh, of course, the first time I comment "my comments never go through" they do, LOL

Steven Choi said...

Haha. I actually enjoy reading these little updates on you guys. Seriously!


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