Sunday, June 26, 2011

opposites attract

Lee and I need a hobby to do together.

He just doesn't share my love of crafts, decorating, jewelry making, art, the beach, blogging, photography, country music, or MTV television. 

I don't share his love of - science, every sport under the sun, super hero movies, video games, excessive Contemporary Christian music, guitar playing, or Comedy Central television.

I love America.  Lee loves Canada.
I like Grenada.  Lee hates dislikes claims he likes Grenada.

We both like basketball, but the season is over.  Football is ok, but hasn't started yet. 
We both like to eat, but I'm the only one cooking/baking.
We both like to sleep, but on different schedules.

But I'm not going to despair there are a few things we both like:
Jesus - at least we're on the same page there.
kids - other people's kids. Grenadian kids mostly :)
smoothies, mt dew, and chips - things I don't have to cook.
Law & Order SVU & Everybody Loves Raymond

each other. 

I can honestly say that despite all our differences we are for some reason absolutely crazy about each other.

We are embarking on our first break together longer than a couple weeks.  Every summer of our lives Lee has been working & super busy, and now were have 6-ish weeks together to do absolutely nothing. Together 24/7 and we have nothing in common. hahahahaha.  
This summer will be a learning experience in compromising.


Cat said...

Haha yall are so so so cute and I hope you have an amazing 6 weeks!!! And I crack up bc. yall sound like us. Jonathan might bang his head against the wall if I make him look at pinterest one more time. Come to think of it, we really don't have much in common either. One time, he took some swing dancing classes with me and HAD FUN mmmhm... and other time we took couples tennis lessons which was not fun (envision me leaping across the court. epic fail). So yeah I'd say just cuddling up and watching a movie would work out just fine :))) xoxo, Cat

Amber said...

SVU!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing is more fun than watching SVU with someone who loves it as well. I prescribe at least 10 hours of SVU episodes together and all will be wonderful.

Amber said...

Stupid blogger wouldn't let me finish my comment. What I was going to add was that this was such a sweet adorable blog. Opposites really do attract!

C said...

My boyfriend has been a workaholic since I got him 4.5 years ago. Now I find that whenever we get to spend more than a few days in a stretch together I end up exhausted. Not because we don't love each other, just because I've gotten so good at not spending time with him.

In other news, you two are a gorgeous couple and I hope your time off is AMAZING!


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