Sunday, June 12, 2011

how embarassing.

true story.  Lee and I both were both outside of our apartment in our underwear today.

me accidentally.

I had just woke up... wandered into the kitchen for a drink of water & found a baby lizard in the sink, picked him up, opened the door and started walking down the steps to release him.... and then realized I had no pants on.
too many years living in the middle of NO WHERE where such things don't matter.

Lee however thinks that since our neighbor frequently walks around his yard in his boxers it's perfectly acceptable for him to walk out onto our porch to close the front door at night in his.

granted we don't live in that busy of a neighborhood.... but I do have a few "friends" across the street that work in the icecream store that like to yell at me, while I'm still in my house. and crow like a rooster (? still haven't got that one)
thankfully they weren't out. 

but overall, I think it's pretty funny.

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