Saturday, April 9, 2011

hi Lee!

I'm sitting in the library on campus waiting on Lee to get out of his Bible study. 
I decided to come to campus with him at the last minute because he said we could eat out! haha yes!
and now I'm waiting on him to ride the bus home together. 
We had Subway!  yes there is a Subway in Grenada!! 3 actually.
It was not as good as home. but really, really good when you're thousands of miles away.
and not nearly as cheap. no $5 footlongs here!

Lee said earlier today that I was slacking on this blog.
humph.  I'll show him!
update. every. single. day.
or not. whatever.
I have nothing to prove.
but I do love him and love that he actually reads my blog! haha

Here are some pictures Amber and I did last week (before she left me. entire post dedicated to Amber tomorrow. check)
I found this old VW Van on the side of the road near town and so we went and did a vintagy little shoot. 
and Lee LOVES these pictures. haha so hi to Lee again.
except he said and I quote "That's YOU?? It looks really good..." as if it couldn't have possibly of been me. 
thanks dear.






I made one of these my new header on my other blog Kelsey Inspired where I have 49 followers! and 52 on this one!! I am so happy and shocked! Thank you for reading :)


A Lost Feather said...

that first photograph is goooooorgeous
and your hair is phenomenal!

C said...

You are just so lovely. I love reading your blog!


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