Monday, March 7, 2011

Too much information??

I promise having 2 other blogs will not make this one  go to the wayside.
pinky promise.
I'm finally up to date with my 365 blog!! yay!
please check it out to see the day-to-day musings of my life.  if you're interested. which I know you are.
and I have a weeks worth of posts ready to go for my decorating blog, in case I'm too busy with Mi Madre :)

She gets here tomorrow night!!!!
and so does my bff Amber!! yeeeeaaaaaaaaa and she'll be here for a whole month!

right now I'm working on Mom's welcome gift basket of Grendian goodies
  • Ting - grapefruit pop
  • LLB - lemon, lime, and bitters pop (delicious!)
  • Grapefruit -for making her a smoothie for breakfast
  • Pumpkin Bread - homemade :)
  • Starfruit - b/c they're pretty
  • Grenada travel magazines
  • and whatever else I find around here...
This may be TMI but here goes
Did you know that in Grenada you can buy birth control (and lots of other meds) over the counter?
and it's cheap!
I get a generic brand from the UK for $12 EC, that's like $5 US
& it's a trusted brand, Lee did the research, it's safe. promise.
except today I went to get it and apparently there is a shortage around the island of birth control. all brands
hahahahahaha. it's so funny to me. 
I wonder if in 9 months there will be a surge of babies being born??
anyway, just thought that tidbit might be helpful to someone moving to Grenada... they have US brands too.... well. usually.


Kensi said...

I know! It's cheaper for me to buy BC here than it was to get it with insurance coverage at home! Have fun with your mom, I'm jealous! :-D

Cat said...

Ah thanks for posting that. I did have that as one of my questions but wasnt quite sure how to ask, lol.

Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

Good to know! Thanks!


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