Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grenada does the body good

I will post all about all the fun things about my Mom's visit soon, but I wanted to dedicate an entry to my beautiful mother.
My sister said it best, "Mom is a natural in the islands!"
The sun made her skin glow, the water reflected her crystal blue eyes, the humidity pumped her hair full of volume, the food was tasty, and the company made her smile :)

I won't broadcast my mother's age on the internet, but she and my father have been married for over 40 years, and I have a 39 year old brother!!
My friends could hardly believe she was old enough to be my mom, let alone have an almost 40 year old!! and 5 children!!

someone may or may not have called her a hot momma this week too. but don't tell Dad.

for my Dad who didn't make the trip

Thanks for a great visit Mom!!!!
Who's next?? come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-STEPHANIE said...

Isn't it SOOO fun to have family visit you?!? My siblings, all 3 of them, will be here tomorrow and I can't wait! I hope some family or friends will come visit us while we are in Grenada next year. Looks like you and your Mom had such a fun time!

Amanda said...

Beautiful post! You summed it up great! Wish we could come visit, I am due and island vacation! said...

OMG! Your mom is soooo pretty!!! Lee is lucky to marry into those good genes!!!

I'll come visit you next!! Just secured a job for the summer and hubs and I are thinking of me there in August, so we'll have one semester of overlap before you go!

Brea said...

Gorgeous pics Kels! Your mom IS beautiful!


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