Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leave it to me...

I have developed this skin condition... white patchy skin (looks kinda like I got a sunburn & it peeled)

at first I thought it was too much sun... so I avoided the sun the past couple weeks
then I thought it was just really dry skin that needed to be exfoliated & moisturized
and finally I thought it was something to do with psoriasis

today I was telling some friends about it & they mentioned that they knew people who had a fungal (disgusting I know) infection on their skin.  People who live in the tropics.

I immediately came home and googled it & alas, that's what it is!!
tinea vesicular - yeast-related infection that produces white spots on the skin that are hard to get rid of

this is what my shoulders and back look like :/

How did I get it?
Pityrosporum orbiculare, the yeast that causes tinea vesicular, is present in little numbers on normal skin; regular washing rids the skin of dead epidermal cells as well as excess yeast. Nonetheless it can grow in great amounts in the summer months when humidity sky-rockets or when a person’s immunological response is weakened and meddle with the standard coloration of the skin; leading to unpleasant spots in both light and dark colors.

humidity (Grenada) + a crappy immune system (Me) = fungal infection

Lee wants to do like experiments on my immune system...
I've had everything, everything you can think of! and now add this to the list.

I'm going to the clinic tomorrow to get a topical cream (unless it's too bad & then I'll need pills) and I read on the internet that if you wash your body with Selson shampoo (and leave it sit for 10 minutes) it's a good treatment and prevention as well.

& now you know.


Ashley said...

Well I'm glad you figured it out! haha! I'm sorry about your fungus.

Chelle & My boys said...

sorry u have this!! I got something simular when I came home from Cancun.. hopefully they will cure it. I remember my doctor gave me a topical antibiotic and an oral medication.. Love you!! Get better, your boxes should be getting there soon!! Thats exciting..

Amanda said...

Interesting.... you could trade it for dry itchy winter ashy skin like everyone up North... LOL

Marisa said...

Ok. Extremely gross, but I have this, too. I noticed I developed it around my collar bone at the end of my summer in Grenada in 2009. I just have a few very small patches of hypopigmentation, and I thought it was dry skin. I wore a strapless dress to a wedding we attended this weekend and Andy immediately diagnosed me with a fungus. Which I have had for a year and a half. :(

Amber said...

Ugh I definitely have this right now. WHY GRENADA WHY?


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