Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh we need a little Cristmas RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE

I'm a right this very minute kind of girl, so this is one my favorite holiday songs :)

It looks like Christmas around the Coghill household these days.... although it doesn't really feel like Christmas.  Hopefully it will soon...
Once Lee is finished with finals and we have time to spend together!!

I have a long list of things I want to do!
1. make and eat lots of cookies
2. watch every Christmas movie possible
3. Turn on the AC and get under the blankets for at least one of these movies... lol
4. drink hot chocolate
5. play Christmas music as loudly and as often as I want
6. kiss under homemade mistletoe. a lot.
7. take long walks on the beach (haha no seriously...)
8.  swim and lounge in the sun
9. not doing dishes while Lee is on break
10. exploring the city together
11. taking a Reggae bus to the other end of the island and exploring and finding our way back....
12.  spending every waking moment together
13. spending every sleeping moment together too!

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