Thursday, November 11, 2010

left behind

Amber left.  She's off in America shopping and eating delicious food. but she's cold.
In Grenada the only shopping you get to do is for groceries and if you want delicious food you have to make it yourself!!
On the Today Show yesterday they were talking about traveling for the holidays & they said 'keep in mind that the Caribbean isn't known for it's great food!" haha. that was an understatement.
unless it's seafood I guess...

Anyway.  I am sad Amber is gone.  She was my co-volunteer coordinator so now I am left to my lonesome.  (I guess more importantly than volunteer coordinator she is my friend. lol.)
This term has certainly been a struggle in terms of volunteering.... not only does no one want to volunteer, but Limes has been challenging because of the lack of a building. 
I'm looking forward to January.  a new batch of people and hopefully a building for Limes!!

We had at least had a steady group of people going to the orphanage but this past week there were only 3 of us.  3 girls vs 22 children needing help with their homework and undivided attention. not so good.  But then again, we only had 2 of us at Limes the other day and there were almost 40 kids!

I feel like I haven't done as much fun stuff this term... If I'm lucky I make it to the beach about once a week and I haven't been to the pool in a month.  But it's my own fault.  I should just wake up and go!

I'm getting ready to go to a CSA meeting.  I'm going to be on the board for that too... as events coordinator!  I didn't know if I would be able to since Lee is the president, but they needed someone & I figured I'll end up doing a ton of  the stuff anyway since other people usually flake out.
It's it frustrating that you just can't depend on people.
If the only person I ever had to depend on was Lee I would never be disappointed.  Honest.  He always follows through.  He's the guy you want on your team.  and he's on mine!


Sarah D said...

Hang in there, Kelsey! What you are doing means so much to those kids and hopefully all that your hard work will inspire some more volunteers. I wish I could be there to help you and I know Amber does too. Glad you've got an ace team going on with your hubby... love hearing that :)

Amber said...

:( Sarah is right I wish I was there to help out! And go on our adventures. I'm sorry I'm not there for the bake sale today. Hopefully it goes well and THEY BRING A TABLE FOR ONCE.

Good food and shopping isn't all it's cracked up to be. I miss the island and I miss you!


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