Saturday, October 23, 2010

heavy heart

I've been reading the blog,  since the earthquake in Haiti in January.  It's a missionary living in Haiti's stories.  They run a school and an orphanage type living area for children and adults.  They help so many people!! The need in Haiti is mind blowing.
He recently updated about a prison that had a riot and three prisoners were killed.  They took them food, and medicine.  He showed a picture of one of the "cells", there were 13 young men ages 14-18yrs old living in a space about 5x10.  They are kept in there 23 hours a day!!! have no electricity or running water, only a bucket in the corner.
can you even imagine such a thing.  14 is still a child. some mother's child is stuck in a prison like that. and I wonder what they even did to be arrested? probably stole food or money to eat!
why hasn't the coverage of the earthquake brought more attention to the horrid conditions in Haiti... and now there is also a Cholera outbreak!
When will Haiti catch a break??

In other depressing news... today was "International Coastal Clean Up" day here and out of a school of about 5,000 students only 6 people showed up to help. 6. and I'm not even a student!
even more depressing 3 of us picked up 4 garbage bags full of trash from about a 30yd space. 4 garbage bags.
and tomorrow it will probably be back to the same.  no one here thinks anything about littering. only 1 person even commented on us picking up trash. the rest just walked by and looked at us like we were crazy.  maybe we are.  can't help people who have no desire to help themselves.
maybe there needs to be more trash cans??  something to think about I guess...

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