Friday, October 29, 2010

analyze this.

according to Google Analytics (which I love)
I have had almost 7,000 visitors to this blog from 43 countries!
and my other blog has had 4,800 visitors from 24 countries!

today I added Pakistan to my list... thank you person in Pakistan!!

crazy huh? my very favorite thing on google analytics is to see how people have found my blog through google search engines. sooooo funny. soon I will dedicate a whole post to copying and pasting some of the results.

I wish some more of these 7000 people would comment!


Marisa said...

Hi, Kelsey. Since you asked for more comments, I thought I'd introduce myself as one of your readers. My boyfriend was in Grenada for 2 years, although now he is back in the U.S. for rotations. I did not have the opportunity to live there like you do, but I did stay an entire summer, and I visited 5 other times. I started reading 'SGU Wife' blogs during my summer in Grenada, and I've continued to do so, which is how I stumbled across yours. Take care!

Oh, and check out my blog,

Bianca said...

Hi Kelsey, since you's my comment :)
My boyfriend is in his first semester of medical school at SGU, and at first I started reading your blog because I was considering moving down there with him, and then I continued reading because its fun and entertaining. I've decided not to move down, but if I had, your blog would have definitely helped me out. ALOT!! Anyway, I look forward to your posts!


Christine said...

Hi Kelsey! I'm currently sitting in the second floor computer lab of the Founders Library, and I was thinking of buying two pieces of cheesecake for my boyfriend and myself for when I take the 9:45 LAE bus home, so...just out of curiosity...I typed in "how much is a cheesecake at glovers sgu" and your blog came up. Hah. I was like...what? Then I prayed that maybe you knew the price (not that it matters...I think I'll get them anyway) and then I ended up reading up to down here because you're so cute!!! I think I see your husband on the bus sometimes. He might even be in term 2 with me....

Anyway, I'm glad I stumbled here. I'm really happy to hear you're having a great time.

OH OH WAIT, I wanted to tell you my boyfriend found 10 EC in the water buried in the sand at Grand Anse. How's that for luck finding things in the ocean?? We were up to our chests in water and he said, "Oh, hey, there's cash near my foot." How does that happen?!?!?!


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