Friday, September 3, 2010


I have a habit of being late to love something that everyone else has been obsessed with for a while.
maybe I think that I am above what everyone else is doing or something ?
or it just has to take time to grow on me perhaps...

examples -
Harry Potter.  I didn't read Harry Potter until 5 of the 7 books were out... which in a way is good because I quickly fell in love and read all 5 in like a week without having to wait because it was killer to wait for the 6th and 7th to come out.  I thought I was way too cool for Harry Potter.  It seemed really dorky to me, that is until a boy I thought was so cool told me he liked it.  (I was only in 10th grade afterall) Only then did I decide to give it a chance, and now I own the complete set.

Leggings.  I have an extreme love hate relationship with leggings.  I HATE when people wear them as pants, especially (and this is mean) people who don't look good in them.  I mean I see people sometimes and there is no way on earth they own a full length mirror (which is absolutely necessary, no questions)  cover up your butt people! BUT at the same time, I find myself drawn to wanting to wear leggings myself.... but only in a casual kind of way.  I don't know when people decided that leggings were dressy.  tights? yes. cropped leggings that you wear as pants with high heels? no.  You have to be pretty careful how to wear leggings if you ask me, which duh you are.  My perfect leggings look would be... a long tee shirt or tank that covers the butt, a long(er that the shirt) cardigan, a belt over the cardigan, and boots.  If I was home, and it was almost fall weather right now, I would wear that.  and tights.... oh how I love tights. tights in all colors and prints and patterns. under dresses and skirts.  I miss fall clothes already! and it's only sept 3rd!!!
wow I got off on quite the tangent on leggings.

ok I was going to think of more things, but what I was actually thinking of when I started this was Twilight.
ooooooooooo Twilight.
I was never against Twilight, I just hadn't thought of it much.  I never read the books & saw the first movie my sr year of college when a friend brought it over. I still haven't seen the entire 2nd one, new moon, and had a horrible experience watching the 3rd one here in Grenada.
but for some reason it keeps creeping up in my mind.  the other day babysitting I saw the first book on the shelf and I picked it up and just kept reading and reading and reading. (it was late and the kid was watching a movie before bed I swear) and the love story just filled my head and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  The way they love each other..... it just gave me chills to read it.  So I came home and watched the first movie over that night. and I just can't get over the way he looks at her.  It's not him, I don't especially find Edward that great looking, but it's just the look.... and the smirk and the things he says that drive me crazy!!! haha reading the book I could feel that look and see his attitude and it just made me want to read more and see more! so here I am a few years behind schedule a new Twilight fan.

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Amanda said...

Its about TIME! You need to get all 4 Twilight books in your possesion ASAP. Once you finish the first one you are not going to want to wait for the next 3 and QUIT with the movies they are nothing compared to the books. I had this perfect image of Edward in my mind and now I can only picture Robert Pattinson.... but love love the series. And when you finish that one, all 4! You can read "Midnight Sun" on Stephenie Meyer's website, its the first few chapters of Twilight from Edward's point of view. Then you need to move on to The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, there are 3 and they are all good too (and still teen fiction lol).


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