Saturday, August 28, 2010

lots of random bits.

I have lots of random thoughts running through my head this morning....
1. I'm very curious to see how Glen Beck's Restoring Honor Rally goes today... and see how the civil rights leaders & left wingers react.  Apparently they were all upset that it was the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s I have a dream speech.... but like Lee said, wasn't King a Christian?? and wouldn't he probably be happy to see this type of rally going on?
2.  I will never be satisfied with an east coast beach again.  Grenada has spoiled me.  I used to feel like any beach was good enough, even after going to the Bahamas, Hawaii, the Gulf.... but not anymore.  Caribbean or nothing. lol. (ok not really... but I'd prefer it.)
3. I feel like I'm getting sick..... please please please please don't be Dengue.

I'll end with a funny story -
Last night I was making homemade pizza for dinner, I had the dough in the bowl getting warm & decided it was time to heat up the oven (another post about cooking with a gas stove later) so I open the oven door and have my match lit already when I see something move really quickly in the oven & my first thought was it was a moth.  So I blew out the match to check for sure & got really creeped out when I saw it was a lizard!! If I hadn't been so jumpy I would have taken a picture, but I was too worried about getting it out of my oven so I could make dinner!  Lee was a big fat 0 help.  We wanted to catch him, but he kept hiding in the crevices of the oven... so we opened the door & took the bottom part of the oven out so he could either escape out the door or out the bottom to the floor safely. After waiting a few minutes & not being able to see him anymore I decided to go ahead and lite the oven & hopefully he'd have time to jump out if it was too hot. I told Lee he'd be used to the heat since he was a Grenadian lizard.  A couple seconds later I'm going about my business spreading the dough on the pan & buttering it & I hear a noise from the oven & go running screaming "Lee the lizard is getting cooked!! get it!!!!" hahaha.... Lee goes over and the claims he saw the lizard safely on the floor below the oven.
He didn't end up as a topping on our pizza, although we joked that it'd be like an anchovy, and we haven't seen him since.  I left the back door open for a while so he'd be able to run outside... which is ironic b/c that is probably how he got in in the first place.   I hope he made it outside & back to his lizard family & went on to live a happy life.


Kensi said...

Haha, funny story! A lizard jumped into the car 2 weeks ago and wouldn't come back out, I think he is dead under one of the seats. And I love the new look of your blog!

Amanda said...

Oh my! I wonder if they are the same lizards that are all over Puerto Rico?! Or more like a gecko from Hawaii?

Trevor Allen said...

I need to do a better job of keeping up with your blog. I mean, it's only fair to my fellow blog followers right?! Haha! Ohman, I love this story. I saw it as your status on Facebook first. You know, the greatest thing about living here in Peru in the mountains is we don't have ANY bugs.. (well we did see and disgustingly huge spider the other day) and no reptiles either! It's really quite dry and lovely. :) This had me rolling though! The lizard in the oven! Love it! I'm waiting to see your new title picture!


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