Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm so happy to have been able to make such good friends here and am still making more as new people arrive!
I was worried before I came about not having friends or everyone being older (well ok I probably am the youngest SO, but no one seems to notice I don't think. lol) glad to know I was wrong!
I think future doctors and vets just know how to pick good spouses :)

like these people -

& yes I am usually hanging out with friends in a bathing suit! haha!
& there are lots more friends, just maybe not friends I take pictures with frequently, I'll have to change that!


Amber said...

<3 YAY! I love this post. :) And not just because I'm in a bunch of the pictures lol. I'm so glad you and Lee came here so I could meet you!

- Amber

Sarah said...

I love this post too!! and I miss hanging out with all my wonderful Grenada friends!!! <3 you guys!


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