Sunday, May 16, 2010

Term 1 Complete!

On Friday Lee took his last final of term 1.... hallelujah!!!
Medical school finals were about to be the end of us both... I've never witnessed such a crazy amount of studying & stress.  I can honestly say I've never really seen Lee too stressed out before... he just doesn't, but this past week was close.  I would have been a lot worse than him. 
and he has to do this 4 more times and then take the USMLE. ugh.
Tomorrow hopefully we'll find out all his final grades!

When he got home from his exam we took a nap because it was raining... and we had both been up since 6 & 6:30am.... and it continued to rain most of the day, which I've heard is really rare in Grenada, usually it rains for a bit & then is sunny again.  But we made it out to get smoothies, took a walk on the beach,  and came home and watched some movies, because we hadn't for months.... and I've got Lee hooked on Dexter too! even though I've already seen them all, I'm re-watching them with him.

usually we can see the ocean and the mountains from this window.... but not during this crazy rain storm!

yesterday it got nice out & we went to the beach for a little bit :)

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