Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy busy busy!!

Sunday, after Lee led worship at church, we spent the day at Aquarium/Magazine Beach. Every Sunday the Aquarium Restaurant has a BBQ.  The food was great, the service was beyond lousy.  I know it's Caribbean and things are slower and blah blah blah but it sucked.  We got water when we first got there and were never asked again if  we wanted something to drink or a refill on the water... the only time someone came to the table was to drop off the food, and we asked for the bill 3 times.   I had chicken kabobs and a baked potato, Lee had jerk chicken and salad, Lynda had salad, and Peter had swordfish. It was good!
Afterward we went snorkeling and spent time on the beach and I got to use my underwater camera!
The restaurant is built right against the rocky hillside 
BBQ right on the beach
I look kinda weird here... but you can see some of the restaurant
in the middle of the picture you can see a fish-thing sitting on the bottom, after I took this it swam at me!
I want to learn how to make this baskets!!! I know how to make a fish out of the palm fronds already...

Monday we spent the morning at the University Club at the pool and we went kayaking and had fresh coconuts picked for us!  Lee had class at 1... and his parents came to the orphanage with me in the afternoon!  It was fun, the kids love to have new people around, and they like to have men around to play with, so they really liked Lee's Dad.  In the evening we went to the restaurant at the Flamboyant hotel, I think it was called Beach Side Terrace.  Monday night was pasta buffet night... and it was delicious! the best food I've had in Grenada!! I even ate corn chowder, it was so good.  My favorites were the Nutmeg Potato Pie, the sauce for the pasta, the chowder soup, and the eclairs we had for dessert... and the Bentleys we had to drink... it's their homemade version of the LLB soda, lemon, lime, and bitters.
after dinner we went down to the Owl, which is the Flamboyant hotel's pub.  Every Monday night they have hermit crab races!! It was pretty cool to see it, although after 2 races I'd seen enough.  
Our friend Timothy climbed right up the tree after coconuts! 
friends at the crab races!

Today we relaxed a bit.... I was pretty worn out!  Lee and his parents went to Limes with me today to see what I do all the time!  It was fun!  I didn't take pictures though because I forgot my memory card.  Afterward we had Chinese food from the bus stop and went shopping at the Spiceland Mall... which had about 2 stores and the IGA open....

I'm excited for the rest of the week!  It should be busy as well!

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Kensi said...

Glad you guys are having so much fun and getting to do lots of new things!!!


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