Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WHAT? You don't eat peanut butter sandwhiches??

Today I went to an after school program that the SOs organize Tuesday-Thursdays. It's called the Lime's program... so if I refer to it as Limes, that's what I mean... they use the word Lime for A LOT in Grenada... Lime can mean relax, a drink, cell phone company, an afterschool program... whatever.
We had so much fun running around and playing with the kids.  They are all school aged about kindergarden - 6th grade... they aren't orphans like the other kids we visit, but they are still pretty needy children.  It hasn't officially started yet, so today we playing games outside with the kids- tag, kick ball, soccer (football), duck duck goose, simon says, anything we could think of! and it was HOT out today.  Usually we are going to be inside (kinda - in a building with no windows, well no glass panes or shutters or anything, just cement block square openings) and help with their homework and stuff... and they have a snack. 
Sadly, Sarah said that some of the kids don't get to eat much at home, so they have lunch at school and then the snack at Limes and that is all they get to eat... some of the kids come from really poor families. they live in shacks and have lots of brothers and sisters and there just isn't enough money for food....
I wonder what would be worse... to not get to eat at home and live in a shack or to grown up in an orphanage... I don't know what situation is sadder.  True the orphans get to eat, but they don't have a mommy who loves them... I hope at least all the kids get love.  and that is something that we can do in our short visits with them.... let them climb all over us and play with our hair and hold hands and hug.
Today Sarah made the kids corned beef sandwhiches and koolaid. You may say "CORNED BEEF!? EEEEWWWW" which were exactly my thoughts. but they LOVE it!!!
I asked a couple kids if they eat peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and they said NO! one girl said "no! it sticks to the roof of your mouth!" haha.... and someone else said that they only use it to catch mice! haha. I was baffled.  If it hadn't been for peanut butter I wouldn't be alive today! Lee and I wouldn't have lunch probably 3x a week...
My friend Amber, who I tagged before took some really good pictures today, well some of them Julia took, but I am going to steal them from her facebook and put them on here.... and the link to her site http://imambergome.co.nr/

Tag you're it!

precious babies...


duck, duck, goose!

I love this... beacuse me and these girls are just haning out and Alfonso is running for his life behind us!

prayer before snack :)

my friend Ellon. and the flowers in my hair are from one of the girls

I can't wait to go back tomorrow!

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